• 12Mar

    I love spicy food. It’s quite addictive really. I read somewhere that it has to do with a chemical rush you get when you eat fiery hot food. In fact as I type my scalp is perspiring…I can feel my eyelids sweating. My latest addiction…La Cascada Taquieria’s House Salsa…it’s called “Salsa La Cascada” It might as well be called fire in a pot. It’s not just hot though! It’s made with grilled tomatoes and grilled onions along with roasted garlic and dried chiles. The flavors are wonderful. This is not your typical salsa at all. Give it a try, you will love it!


    I love it with Garden of Eatin’s Purple Tortilla Chips (no salt) or you can marinade meat or tofu with it and grill or my newest- use it for chilaquiles (eggs scrambled with salsa, tortillas & cheese). Yum! What a great pick me up at breakfast Oh, this gives me an idea – I haven’t had dried shrimp croquettas in a while and I bet the salsa would be great with those too… You can find the salsa at Berkeley Bowl or at the Taquieria’s located at 2975 College in Elmwood or 2164 Center Street in Berkeley.