• 24Aug

    Ever wonder what to do with lots of zucchini? Check out Planet Veggie Garden for some zucchini recipes:


  • 05Aug

    Sometimes a nice cool dessert hits the spot after a long hard day digging in the garden. I enjoy frozen yogurt and wanted to make a batch so through trial and error developed this simple way to make this frozen treat.

    My first problem was not having a ice cream maker. Well I do have one but it is mainly a novelty item though I have read it is possible to make decent ice cream with it. It’s basically a metal bowl with a battery operated paddle – you simply pour in your mix, turn it on and put the whole thing in the freezer.

    Simple enough but the paddle didn’t seem to spin enough and once the mix started to freeze the motor wasn’t strong enough to move the paddle any longer. Result was very icy hard creamed ice.

    So, I decided to use a plastic food storage container to hold the well chilled mix. I put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and then took it out and used a stick blender to mix the parts starting to freeze with the rest of the mix. Do this every few hours and you will end up with a decent frozen dessert. A bit icy but scoopable after setting out in the frig for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s definitely not the creamy goodness you can get from places like Sketch but for me – satisfying enough.

    Here’s the approximate recipe I used for the mix:

    1 quart of Strauss Whole Milk Yogurt

    1 can of Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk

    enough sugar to taste sweet (the more sugar the less icy but I’d rather have less sugar. Also remember that when frozen the yogurt will taste less sweet)

    pinch of sea salt

    Whisk this all together and refrigerate for an hour or two. Starting with a very cold mix before setting in the freezer can reduce the iciness. You can skip this part if you are in a hurry. Now just follow the method above using your stick blender.

  • 04Aug

    …in the garden.

    Check out the all new Planet Veggie Garden site. A place where four gardeners share their adventures in learning to grow nearly all their plant food. We’ll have gardening tips as well as recipes for enjoying now and preserving for later eating.

    Hope to see you there!